Missions Worldwide

 Missions is the worldwide application of our call to “go" to the “ends of the earth”

Risen Savior has accepted the challenge as a congregation to meet this command of Jesus
to take the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Missions Cambodia

Stronghold Cambodia

Stronghold CambodiaStronghold Cambodia’s mission is to empower communities for positive change through Christian care and learning. Their vision is to equip Cambodian children and parents physically, intellectually and spiritually so they may they maycarry out fruitful Christian lives. Pastor Phan Narit (Jesse), Director of Stronghold Cambodia, askes for support in many needs at the school that include prayer warriors, student scholarships, parent instruction, facility modifications, maintenance, short and long-term missionaries, and transportation. More details can be found on the Stronghold Cambodia website or Stronghold Cambodia’s Facebook

Trinity Lutheran Church and School

School and ChurchIn Battambang, Cambodia members of congregations have been providing project supports since 2004. 
We continue to support this mission for their church needs and scholarships.

Crossing Cambodia

Crossing Cambodia photoCrossing Cambodia’s Mission Director, Greg Holtz, serves and is committed
to affecting change and sharing the gospel in Cambodia, one life at a time. 
They work with street children, local churches, and through local networking
to bring about change in children’s and families’ lives in Cambodia.  Greg Holtz is a member at Risen Savior Lutheran Church.

Click here for more information about Crossing Cambodia  Crossing Cambodia

Cima Family

J.P. and Aimee Cima Family and children Celeste, Bella, and Isaac are currently missionaries in Phnom Penh. Please continue to pray for this family, and subscribe to their newsletter and follow their photo blog journey.

See bottom of page for past Cambodia Mission Teams


We support Dr. Fung Lo and family, Kalia and Mercy at the Mission of Christ Network office in Thailand.  Currently, Fung, Kalia and Mercy are serving the Lord in Thailand. Fung’s primary ministry is to improve the theological training that is currently going on with the Hmong pastors and leaders in Southeast Asia, where there are over two million Hmong still don’t know Jesus. He also provides support and discipleship training to the local Hmong Christian congregations to do outreach, start new ministries and plant more churches. Kalia’s primary ministries will be to assist an organization called “South East Asia Christian Services” by providing leadership and Christian education to the students and staff at Ban Hmong’s Hope Center, and initiates a deaconess training program for the Hmong women while finishing up her doctoral study in Higher Education from the Bethel University.Click here to learn more – https://missionofchrist.org/service/lo-fung/  


Shepherds Staff Logo

Elizabeth Coorless, a member of Risen Savior Lutheran Church, is serving with Hope for the Nation sharing the love of Christ through intentional relationship and discipleship to create change from within.

  • Missionary Account Number: 6059
  • Country of Service: Uganda

To support Elizabeth Coorless click the link http://ssmfi.org/missionary/elizabeth-corless/
For more information contact Elizabeth directly at evcorless@yahoo.com or contact Debbie Straubinger through the Church


Young Life: Developing Global Leaders

The Developing Global Leaders Program is designed for just such transformation. An integral part of Young Life's Reaching a World of Kids initiative, the Developing Global Leaders Program will result in a generation of Christ-centered leaders throughout the developing world. Whether through continued involvement with Young Life or as people of faith and character in education, government or business, these global leaders will have a transforming impact in places desperate for change. The table is set for transformation. Students have been selected. Trainers, mentors and ministry teams are ready. The missing piece is you.  Click to learn more – http://www.ylgloballeaders.org

Operation Christmas Child

The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox Gift Begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication. Every late fall, Risen Savior Lutheran Church starts to gather supplies and donations for the Operation Christmas Child.Stay tuned in the bulletin for more information as we get closer.

To learn more about Operation Christmas Child – click here

Outside Ministry Applications

Are you and your family traveling outside of the country with a mission and would like prayers and support?
Please contact us and let us know so that we can email you our Ministry Application!

Previous Years ~ Cambodia Mission Teams

June 2017

Summit of Peace Lutheran Church and Risen Savior Lutheran Church members joined together and traveled to Phnom Penh, then on to Sihanoukville to attend the Youth Summit, work on community projects, conduct a Vacation Bible School for the students at Stronghold Cambodia, and visited Siem Reap. 6 youth, and 6 adults were in attendance.

2014November 2014

Summit of Peace Lutheran Church and Risen Savior Lutheran Church members
made up the 2014 mission team.  The team traveled to Cambodia to host a Youth Conference, on "Bible Storys" of Old and New Testaments, service projects and present Vacation Bible School.
For more information, refer to Cambodia Quarterly Newsletter, March 2015

2013November 2013

The mission team traeled to Battambang, Cambodia to hosted a Youth Conference
on "The Sacraments" in Seim Reap. They then travel to Trinity Lutheran Church and School
in Battambang for work projects that included community Health Education, English
and Vacation Bible class training, sewing, general repair and maintenance, and water purification.
For more information, refer to Cambodia Quarterly Newletter, March 2014

November 20122012

The second mission team traveled to Battambang, Cambodia to host a Youth Conference
on "Lutheranism" and complete work projects in Battambang with the Trinity members.
Pastor Peter and Mary Sok, founders of the church in 2004, joined the Risen Savior Team
for this two week period. For more information, refer to Cambodia Quarterly Newsletter, January 2013

2011November 2011

The first mission team traveled to Battambang, Cambodia for two weeks,
to share their Christian love with members of Trinity Lutheran Church and School.
Many work projects were completed with the Cambodia Trintiy Lutheran Church members.
For more information, refer to Cambodia Quarterly Newsletter, December 2011